"In this age of ubiquitous so-called immersive art experiences, painter Laurie Shapiro wages a campaign for something more analog, deeply embodied, and quietly psychedelic (in a meditative sense). Through an inventive combination technique involving painting, screen-printing, sewing, and sculpture, Shapiro’s walk-in wonderlands rival the optical spectacle created by technology with their kaleidoscopic, jewel-like, and organic radiance—but hum with the promise of something more profound. Born with a condition that causes progressive hearing loss, Shapiro turned to amplified visual and energetic experiences, using paint, light, and color to manifest pure emotion and a comforting sense of wonderment. Often the site of music, dance, and other performance actions and activations, Shapiro’s environments are also the counterparts to more traditional paintings that narrate more direct encounters with the sublime and deepening connectivity with nature and one another."


- Shana Nys Dambrot, LA Weekly



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