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Laurie Shapiro

Los Angeles, California, United States


Immersive Psychedlic Installation Art Los Angeles Studio

Want to shoot inside of my installation art?  I rent my work out by the hour - click the button to the right to see more.

Past Collaborations and features include:

Ceek Virtual Reality


An interview and exploration of my solo show "All Yoni Is Love," at de Plume Gallery.  Ceek perminently captured this installation.

See the vr experience

Born to Love

 Inspired by dance, music, & art, Emmy Award winning dancer, Comfort Fedoke created this piece.

A collaboration of artists came together within an installation - video produced by Emmy winning dancer, Comfort Fedoke.

Watch the video

BCBG Generation


Photo shoot clients range from the personal to multinational brands, such as BCBG.

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Otherworld Ohio

woman in an art installation

An immersive wonderland as a part of an even bigger storytelling expeirnce.

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Product Videos


My studio and artwork has been used in product commercials, such as Tilta's Nucleus nano.

Film in my studio