As an artist, I take what I find most beautiful and create based on these ideas. I am interested in what it means to be human - our varying perceptions and spiritual roots have cross cultural connections.

My artwork is process and research based. Research includes meditation, reading, listening, and learning. This can be immersing myself in a forest or garden, wandering into a house of worship, a conversation, online research, or picking up a new book on consciousness. Artistic research exists through being active in the present moment. Intuition is key.

My process is studio intensive - much of my time is spent creating drawings and sketches, hand sewing, screen printing, painting, and building. Many of my drawings are inspired by nature with creative intuition. I screen print these drawn images onto various fabrics, which I collage and hand sew as repetitive elements on mixed media compositions. With paint, I use the process of layering to create depth of color and textures. Mixed media gives me freedom and diversity in the studio. I create large scale pieces and immersive environments, as well as smaller pieces and studies.

I am interested in our overlapping human perceptions - our commonalities and connections. Immersing myself in the natural world, and appreciating the beauty of the earth inspires me. I am taken by moments of astonishing love, and wish to share that with my work.

I have a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University (2012), during  which I  spent a semester abroad at Bilkent University in Ankara,  Turkey (2011).  I currently live and work in Los Angeles, CA.

(Adjacent photo by Jeffrey Sklan.  Below photos by Pen Densham.)


Download my CV to see a list of art and installation shows, residencies, awards, press, and commissions from the past few years.

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Questions or comments?

Feel free to send me a message regarding art and installation inquiries. I build psychedelic, intricate worlds and individual pieces.  Let's connect if you have ideas or questions.  I am available for commissions as well as for shows; it's great to hear your feedback.

Laurie Shapiro

Los Angeles, CA